How to Defeat Hoof Puff, The Northeastern Worldeater in Biomutant

Biomutant Hoof Puff

If you’re about to face off against Worldeater Hoof Puff in Biomutant, you’ll want to be prepared. Here’s how to defeat him.

By this point, you’ve likely already taken down two of Biomutant‘s Worldeaters – Jumbo Puff and Porky Puff. Thankfully, Hoof Puff is very similar – and in our opinion, is perhaps the easiest fight out of all the Worldeaters.

In order to take on Hoof Puff, you need to be on your mount. Your goal during the first stage of the fight is to shoot at him, aiming for the spots on his legs. Once you’ve shot them all, make your way around to the front of Hoof Puff. You’ll be prompted to press square (or X on Xbox) to yank out a tooth.

Once that’s done, you’ll repeat the process a few times. All the while you’ll need to dodge Hoof Puff’s incoming attacks. He tends to lunge at you, so keep on the move, and press circle (B on Xbox) to keep dodging out of the way.

You’ll also be prompted at times to press square (X on Xbox) to yank on part of Hoof Puff’s body, doing extra damage. Keep an eye for that prompt popping up and press the corresponding button when it does.

Once you’ve shot the spots on his legs and yanked out a tooth enough times, Hoof Puff’s attacks will change; he’ll start firing from his tail and spewing a toxic fluid. Avoid the fluid, and keep moving around, staying on the back of your steed.

Keep shooting at him and he’ll eventually go down. There’s also a trophy/achievement up for grabs here for pulling out all of Hoof Puff’s teeth, so bear that in mind!

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