How to Defeat Jumbo Puff, The First World Eater in Biomutant

Biomutant Jumbo Puff

If you’re just about to face Jumbo Puff, the first boss – or World Eater – in Biomutant, you better go in prepared. Here’s what you need to know.

There are four World Eaters to face in Biomutant, essentially the big bosses of the game. These fights are likely tougher than anything else you’ve faced in the game, especially if you aren’t prepared for how they will attack. But once you know what you’re doing, Jumbo Puff, along with the other three World Eaters, are easy enough to take down.

Jumbo Puff has a few different stages, so you’ll need to stay vigilant throughout the fight. You’ll start the fight in your mech. Stay on the move, dodging Jumbo Puff’s incoming attacks. Keep shooting at him.


Eventually, Jumbo Puff will climb up onto a ledge and start throwing rocks at you. You can’t do any damage to him during this section; simply move side to side to avoid damage from the incoming rocks.

When it jumps back down, Jumbo Puff will open its mouth. At this point, use your left trigger (L2/LT) to use your ‘Sqvip’ attack.

The first part of the battle will repeat, so keep shooting at Jumbo Puff while dodging its attacks. If it jumps back up onto the ledge, once again dodge its incoming rock attacks.

Eventually, it will crush your mech, and the Jumbo Puff will swallow you. Don’t worry – that’s what’s meant to happen. From inside the Jumbo Puff’s gut, jump up using the nodes on the wall. Watch out for the flow of bile – it moves left to right in a repetitive pattern, so wait until it’s just passed before trying to climb.

Once you’re at the top, move forward to the Jumbo Puff’s heart. Launch into attack mode like your life depends on it! If you can’t finish it off in one go, you’ll find yourself back down in the pit of its stomach. Repeat climbing up and attack the heart again. Eventually, the Jumbo Puff will fall and you’ll be expulsed from its body, victorious in battle.

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