How to Defeat Porky Puff, The Eastern World Eater in Biomutant

Biomutant Porky Puff

So you’re about to face off against Porky Puff, Biomutant‘s second big boss. Here’s everything you need to know to beat him.

Before you can face Porky Puff, you’ll need the Googlide – that’s Biomutant lingo for speedboat. If you’ve not yet got the Googlide, follow the storyline through until you have it. You can’t defeat Porky Puff without it, since the fight is water-based.

Once you’re in the fight with Porky Puff in Biomutant, he’ll try to attack you with tidal waves. Keep on the move and avoid them. Your goal during this first stage is to shoot the patches on his legs. You can also use the mines dotted around the area to damage him – get close to them, then press square (X on an Xbox controller) to activate and drag them, then square again to release them – but they’re rather unwieldy to aim. Shooting is the easiest way to damage Porky Puff here.


Once you’ve shot all of the patches on his legs, he’ll go down, revealing a new patch on his head. Shoot that.

You’ll be prompted to distract him with ‘gumquacks’ – the rubber duckies you collected earlier. Once that prompt comes up, spam L2 to fire out the ducks. Keep doing so regularly.

Porky Puff will occasionally dive under the water, swimming with his tail sticking out. Avoid him at all costs, and use L3 to boost if you need to. If you get caught by him during this stage, you’ll die instantly.

Keep shooting his leg and head patches, and firing gumquacks at him. Once his health bar reaches the half-way point, the second part of the fight will begin.

This second phase of the fight with Porky Puff is probably the easiest part. You’re back on land, so no need to worry about controlling the Googlide. Shoot at him freely during this phase. You can also melee attack his feet if you can get close enough. He’ll try to attack you by throwing rocks and pounding the ground – stay mobile to avoid them.

Keep shooting and attacking, and Porky Puff will go down in no time. Congratulations – you’ve now beat two out of four World Eaters in Biomutant!

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