How to Get Water in Stranded Deep

Water is the most necessary tool of your survival in Stranded Deep. But despite being surrounded by ocean, drinking water isn’t easy to come by. So how do you get water?

By pressing triangle on a PlayStation controller, you can see your stats in Stranded Deep. Your thirst meter is likely the one that will empty the quickest. After all, you’re out in blistering heat; staying hydrated is key to your survival. But getting drinking water doesn’t come easy. Here’s how to get water.

Early on, your only way to get water in Stranded Deep is by drinking from coconuts. Thankfully, there’s plenty of coconuts to be found in the palm trees on the starting island. You can either reach them naturally, or interact with the bottom of a tree in order to climb it and grab the coconuts. Once you’ve got one, drop it on the ground, and interact with it with a tool (a basic rock tool is fine). Three or four hits and your coconut will become a “drinking coconut”.

Pick up your drinking coconut from the ground, then equip it from your inventory. With it equipped, press R2 to drink. You’ll restore one bar of your thirst. However: drinking too many coconuts has negative effects. Your character may, er, get violently ill, which will put your hydration right back down to 0. So drinking coconut milk is only a short-term solution.

Thankfully, you can craft a water still in Stranded Deep which will allow you a steady supply of water from rainfall. In order to craft this, you’ll need to be craftsmanship level 2. To level up, build some more basic tools and craft your essentials. You should reach level 2 fairly easily. To access your crafting menu, press R1. In there, you can use R1 and R2 in order to navigate through different menus.

To craft the water still, you’ll need:

  • A coconut flask
  • 1x palm frond
  • Lashing
  • Cloth
  • 3x rocks

Some of these are very easy to find, like rocks and a palm frond (you’ll need to cut down a palm tree, then cut down its leaves). Lashing can be made from four fibrous leaves, that you’ll find on baby palm trees and Yucca plants. For a coconut flask, you’ll need a coconut. Cloth is the most time-consuming to craft (though if you’ve left the starting island, you might be lucky enough to find some washed ashore).

If you need to make cloth, you’ll first need to make a loom. To make a loom, you need 4 lashings and six sticks. Once you’ve made a loom, you need four more fibrous leaves to turn into cloth.

And that’s it – with all those items in tow, you can then make a water still. Head into your crafting menu by pressing R1 and navigate to it in the ‘shelter’ menu (press R2 to tab through). Once crafted, you’ll need to select somewhere to place it. Now, when it rains, you’ll be able to collect water and drink by simply interacting with it.

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