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Subnautica Below Zero 3

How to Get Water in Subnautica: Below Zero

If you’re playing Subnautica: Below Zero on Survival difficulty, you’ll have to keep yourself hydrated. Here’s what to do.

There are several ways of getting water in Subnautica: Below Zero; melting snow, using a water filtration machine. But, really, those methods aren’t necessary.

There are three easy ways to up your H2O levels. All require access to a fabricator.

  • Turn bladderfish into filtered water. To do this, grab as many bladderfish as you can. They’re usually swimming around most of Below Zero‘s mid to upper ocean areas. Take them to the fabricator and use the food option, with the water icon, to turn them into bottles of filtered water.
  • Eat some cooked fish. Capture a fish, any fish, bladderfish included, and cook them in the fabricator. You can eat them raw but that’ll up your food but reduce your H20 level. You’ll get a little water from each one you eat cooked.
  • Find some blue bullseye shrooms and hack at them with your knife. You’ll get them added to your inventory and you can eat them raw to gain both food and water.

And that’s it. Remember to take some filtered water with you if you’re diving deep but this should stop you dying of thirst.

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