How to Save Your Game in Stranded Deep

If you’re playing Stranded Deep, the survival game that casts you on a deserted island, you’re going to want to save your game. But how?

There’s a bit of work involved before you can save your game in Stranded Deep. But once you’ve made a tiny bit of progress, it’s easy enough to do. Before you can save, you need to create a shelter. Once you’ve built a shelter, you can then use it to save your game (and sleep) as often as you like.

But how do you build a shelter in Stranded Deep? Don’t worry – it’s one of the first things you’re able to craft in the game. On PlayStation, press R1 to bring up your crafting menu, and navigate to the ‘shelter’ tab by using L2 or R2. A basic shelter is the first item on the crafting list. But you’ll need to have the required materials before you can build one.

A shelter requires lashing (i.e. rope), three sticks and four palm fronds. These are all easy enough to get hold off. You’ll need to craft the lashing yourself, so in order to get that you’ll need four fibrous leaves. They can be found on Yucca trees or baby palm trees. Sticks are easy to pick up off the ground (or chop down a small tree in order to retrieve them). To get palm fronds, you’ll need to chop down a palm tree. Once it’s down, chop again at its leaves and you’ll eventually get palm fronds. You can chop all these things with a basic rock tool, though the better your equipment, the quicker the process will be.

With all the items in tow, head back to your crafting menu by pressing R1. Navigate to Shelter and press ‘X’ to build it. You’ll then need to select a suitable place to put it down. And voila – you now have a shelter. So, to save your game in Stranded Deep, simply interact with the shelter and select ‘save’.

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