How to Solve the Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village 8 (1)

There are multiple labyrinth puzzles in Resident Evil Village for you to solve, but the first you’ll encounter is in Castle Dimitrescu.

Located in the same room of Castle Dimitrescu as the merchant, Duke, you’ll be unable to complete the first labyrinth puzzle – sitting to the right hand side of Duke – found in Resident Evil Village when you first encounter it. That’s because you need to find a ball to insert into it, and that’s found elsewhere in the castle.

To find the ball to insert into the labyrinth, simply progress through the game until you gain access to the opera hall. In the upper area of the opera hall, on the left hand side, you’ll find a small room, and in there you’ll find a broken labyrinth along with a ball sitting next to it in a box. Grab it. With the ball in your possession, you can then return to the merchant room near the entrance of the castle, and place it in the working labyrinth.


To complete the labyrinth puzzle, you need to tilt the labyrinth to guide the ball into the hole lit up in the middle of it. From the starting position, tilt the labyrinth to move the ball left then down, before carefully to the right, negotiating it over the bridges that move up and down. Once past the bridges, move the ball up and then left – but be careful, as if you move the ball too fast to the left it will fall into one of numerous holes that will reset the puzzle. Instead, you need to move the ball to the left as carefully as you can, and then also try to angle it downwards to avoid the unlit holes. Do it carefully enough, and you should be able to guide it into the lit hole, completing the puzzle.

To make navigating the labyrinth puzzle a bit easier, you can rotate the camera with the triggers on your controller. Play around to see what angle works best for you during each bit of the puzzle. Your prize for completing the labyrinth is a valuable crimson skull, which you can sell to Duke for a whopping 8,000 Lei. That’s handy for purchasing supplies or upgrading your weapons.

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