How to Use Photo Mode in Biomutant

Biomutant review

Wondering how to capture the world around you by using Biomutant‘s photo mode? Read on.

Like many open world games, Biomutant has a built-in photo mode. It allows you to stop the game at any moment, giving you a free camera to move around and create the perfect snapshot of your journey. And when the game’s world often looks so beautiful, you’ll likely want to use it often.

To use photo mode in Biomutant, you simply need to press in both thumbsticks (R3 and L3). Doing so will quickly bring up the photo mode interface.


Be warned though; the options here are rather limited. There are no pre-set filters, borders, frames or any of that fancy business. You can simply frame your shot and shoot.

You can zoom in and out, pan the camera and tilt your angle. That’s about it. But it allows you to capture the game exactly how it looks, which is a useful tool. Once you’re in photo mode, and you’ve got your shot set up, simply press the button shown on-screen to remove the user interface. From there, you can use your console’s built-in screenshot function to save the image.

Have fun capturing moments out in the wild!

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