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King of Seas 2

King of Seas is a Charming Pirate-Themed Action RPG

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In King of Seas, piracy is a way of life pretty much thrust upon you.

Assuming the role of captain of a ship for the first time, you’re tasked by your father, the King of Seas himself, to deliver some goods to a nearby port. When you return, however, you discover that your father has been killed, and you’re the one being blamed for it. Without chance to prove your innocence you find yourself under attack, and are left for dead. Luckily some nearby pirates managed to grab you before end up at the bottom of the ocean like the rest of your crew.

Saved by pirates, it’s not long until you’re committing acts of piracy yourself. Though your ultimate goal is to prove your innocence. You’re given a small starting ship for completing an errand for your unlikely saviours, and from then on it’s up to you to build yourself up. There are story missions to tackle, naval battles to engage in, and plenty of trading to be done. You basically get to live on the seas, though depending on the difficulty you choose to play on your time will either be fairly laid back or tense as hell.

You see, if you’re playing King of Seas on the easiest difficulty there’s not really much of a penalty for dying; your ship and loot will remain yours, allowing you to dust yourself off and quickly resume your journey. Crank the difficulty up though, and while the potential rewards will be greater, you could lose everything if your die. Needless to say, your choice of difficulty really does make a difference.

Being an action RPG, to improve your chances of survival in King of Seas it’s important to deck yourself out in the best gear possible, get some good skills and smartly invest your skill points. Though here, of course, things are slightly different. It’s your ship you’re making stronger by equipping better cannons and using better balls, as well as making things like your hull stronger. Skills are provided by crew members you bring onboard. And finally, skill points are invested in talents, making you a captain that simply gets more out of their ship and crew.

King of Seas 1

Play King of Seas for long enough and chances are you’ll outgrow your starting ship, forcing you to spend a great deal of money on something more formidable. You’ll also find yourself conquering settlements and engaging in a wealth of side activities, such as fishing and hunting down hidden treasure. Or, if you just want to earn some money and enjoy sailing around, you can travel from port to port, buying low and selling high. It’s up to you.

Available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, King of Seas is quite a charming adventure judging by what we’ve played of it. It’s at times relaxing just sailing the seas, and when combat commences it’s exciting as you exchange cannon fire and make use of your skills to come out on top. The only blemishes on the package are that there’s no voice acting, and having to open up your map to see where your next objective frequently takes you out of the action. Still, give it a try if you fancy a bit of light-hearted piracy.

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