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Mini-Mech Adventure Stonefly Stomps Onto the Scene This June


Ever wanted to pilot a tiny, tiny, mech? Stonefly has you covered.

We were given a hands-off look at this odd, chilled adventure and were struck how adorable it is. It casts you as Annika, a little girl who roams the world in a robotic mech. She’s so tiny, in fact, that her world is  made up of giant plants and some none-too-friendly insects. However, instead of gunning them down and stomping through their guts, she uses gusts of wind and other techniques to dislodge them from whatever leaf her mech is parked on.

Now, with the game’s release less than a month away, developers Flight School Studio and publishers MWM Interactive are giving everyone a glimpse into this world with a series of videos showing Stonefly in action.

Aside from showing off the gorgeous graphics and relaxing soundtrack, the latest video also highlights some of the offensive (but not fatal) tactics Annika can employ. What’s particularly cool is the way you can scoop up multiple bugs in a mini-tornado and then dump them off a leaf in one go.

You can expect other videos between now and the game’s final release, which should help you decide whether this tiny mech adventure is for you. Stonefly is set to arrive on the 1st of June, on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

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