Prison Architect’s Second Chances Expansion Introduces Rehabilitation

Prison Architect

Prison Architect’s new Second Chances expansion will let you rehabilitate prisoners. Isn’t that great?

Well, sort of. On the one hand, we’re always up for more Prison Architect content. We  when we reviewed this prison sim we said it was “both enjoyable and rewarding; even at its most frustrating, it kept me wanting more”.

And the idea of rehabilitating prisoners, ensuring they never dark the doors of your prison again sounds good on paper. The paid expansion will let you add animal therapy, prisoner classes and more. It’ll also let you reduce sentences for good behaviour and teach prisoners skills they can use when they leave prison.

The problem is that, being a private prison, profit figures heavily into the game so we’re wondering how, if it all, you’ll be rewarded for rehabilitating people. Yes, it’s good thing for the virtual community your prison will serve, but what happens when players realise it’s not a money spinner? We’ll be interested to see how Prison Architect handles this.

Prison Architect: Second Chances will be released on Playstation, Xbox and PC this June 16th and will arrive on Nintendo Switch June 29th.