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Resident Evil Village

Pyramid Head and Lady Dimitrescu is a Match Made in Survival Horror Heaven

What could be more horrifying than being chased by Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu and Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head?

Finding they’ve melded into one entity, that’s what. But, thanks to modder and Twitter user Alister, that’s exactly what’s happened. By blending the two stalkers together, they’ve created Lady Pyramidescu, a nine-foot triangle-headed woman who’d give both James Sunderland and Ethan Winters a run for their money.

As of right now, Lady Pyramidescu exists only as a concept, rather than a fully fledged Resident Evil Village mod though we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Alister manages to deliver on that front. If they do, we’re hoping they disable those trademark taunts; it’d be far more disconcerting to just turn around and find your nemesis just standing there.

Naturally, if Lady Pyramidescu does become a reality, she’ll only be present in the PC version of Resident Evil Village, which already has a thriving mod scene. But with Konami showing little interest in resurrecting Silent Hill, we’d be happy for any chance to reacquaint ourselves with Silent Hill 2’s knife-dragging nemesis.


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