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Call of Duty Warzone

Rambo is Joining Call of Duty: Warzone This Month

It’s been confirmed that Rambo is coming to Call of Duty: Warzone this month.

It’s true that his arrival in the free-to-play shooter, along with Die Hard’s John McClane had already been leaked. But now the official Twitter account has confirmed this, also revealing that he’ll wade into combat this May 20th.

It’s not the first time Rambo, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in five movies, has guest-starred in a video game. He was added to Mortal Kombat 11 as a playable fighter, with Stallone again providing his voice, so his arrival in Warzone isn’t entirely suprising.

It is, however, out of character for Rambo as he was portrayed in David Morell’s First Blood book, which was adapted for the first movie. As this Observer article points out, Morell’s novel had a strong anti-war sentiment. However, as entertaining as some of the Rambo movies are, the character is now near-indistinguishable from the way he was parodied in Hot Shots Part Deux.


Still, if you’re a Warzone player it’s a chance to change things up a bit. It’s not clear whether Rambo will just be a skin or whether he will have any associated perks, but you can find out first-hand when he joins Call of Duty: Warzone this May 20th.

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