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Resident Evil Village Has Beaten the Series’ Steam Record

Resident Evil Village 4 (1)

Resident Evil Village, the tale of a man whose hands hate him, has smashed the series’ record for most concurrent players on Steam.

The internet’s collective thirst for lofty vampire Lady Dimitrescu likely had something to do with those figures but Resident Evil Village is a damn good game. Yes, there are times it seems like a Greatest Hits album but that’s no bad thing.

And, according to SteamDB, a site which makes Steam stats more accessible, at one time 106,631 people were playing the PC version of Resident Evil Village. That’s not a record by Steam standards; for example, Hitman 2 racked up over 300,000 concurrent players. But it has beaten the series record. Resident Evil 7 hit 20,449 concurrent users, Resident Evil 2‘s remake had 74,227 and Resident Evil 3’s remake hit 60,239.

So will Village get a sequel? Probably – Resident Evil Village’s ending sports a couple of plot threads that could be picked up on though if rumours are to be believed, a remake of Resident Evil 4 is Capcom’s next big Resi release. Re:Verse, their latest attempt at creating a multiplayer Resident Evil is also in the pipeline but based on previous efforts, we’re not expecting much.

Resident Evil Village is out now Playstation, Xbox, PC and Stadia.

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