Returnal Developer Warns Players to Disable Auto Update to Keep Their Runs


Returnal is getting a big update soon. That’s the good news. The bad news is, it could wipe out your run if you’re not careful.

No, we’re not talking about losing all your progress throughout the whole game, at least we hope that’s not what Housemarque meant when they tweeted out their warning.


But you might have found yourself in the middle of a Returnal run and set your joypad down to come back later, or even a day later, using the PS5’s rest and resume feature to carry on. We know we have. The catch is that, if you don’t disable auto-update, you could come back to find that the big Returnal patch has erased your run and you’re back at your crashed ship.

Granted, we’ve had runs that have lasted all of ten minutes, but just imagine how infuriating it could be to have grabbed a level 2 carbine, as well as the health-regenerating parasite, only to find you’ve lost both. Still, just going to settings and turning off auto-update should sort, that, right?

Not quite. The auto update entry in settings is for firmware updates. To stop Returnal auto-updating you need to do this:

  • Go to Settings, the cog at the top right of the Playstation 5 menu.
  • Go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings
  • Go to Automatic Updates
  • Click on Auto-Download and Auto-Install in Rest Mode so both dots are grey.

And there you go. Next time you’ve finished your run, or in a couple of days time, re-check them. Or, you can install the update manually when Returnal prompts you.

The patch is set to arrive at 7PM BST today. Turning auto update should, at least, should keep your run intact.