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Rocket League Trading Guide for Beginners

Rocket League is one of the most engaging multiplayer games, especially for those that enjoy driving games.

It was originally released in 2015 for PS4 and Windows. Due to its popularity, it was later ported to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. However, there is more to Rocket League than just playing soccer with cars. The game comes with additional visual perks.

This opens a lot of trading possibilities for Rocket League enthusiasts and item collectors. Anyone can start trading items in Rocket League, but to be successful you need to learn a thing or two about trading in this game before you can do that.

This guide will get you started with everything you need to know.

What is Trading in Rocket League?

Many Rocket League players are very fond of their battle cars. They want to achieve the most unique and prestigious looks. To do it, they need to obtain new car designs and other breathtaking visual effects. The good thing about these visual perks is that they can be traded.

So, the answer to your “what is trading in Rocket League” question goes along the following lines: it refers to giving another player an item or in-game currency in return for an item or in-game currency. There are various tradable items in Rocket League, including:

  • Blueprints
  • Items built from blueprints (though these can only be traded on the same platform)
  • Credits (up to 100,000 credits)
  • Items from Crates looted before the Blueprint system update
  • Items from various in-game events
  • Free drops players get after completing a game
  • Exclusive Rocket Pass items only players in Pro Tiers loot

Which Currency is Used?

You’ve probably heard about Rocket League keys before. These keys were the main factor determining the item prices. However, with the 2019 update, the game’s developers removed both keys and crates from the game. They introduced two new items that will serve as currency: blueprints and credits.

Blueprints successfully replaced the crate system, while credits did the same for the key system. The new system replaced the RNG component of looting crates. Instead, now players know exactly what every blueprint awards.

Due to a large number of players and spiking demand for Rocket League items, players can also trade items for real cash. However, real money-based trading can be only done on platforms specialising in Rocket League Trading.

How Pricing Works

Rocket League‘s item base is huge. There are literally thousands of items, each one with a unique look and feel. If you are just starting out, the variety of items will most likely overwhelm you. On top of that, every item comes with a unique price tag making it borderline impossible to know all prices by heart.

The pricing works just as in the real world; the rarer the item, the higher its price tag. Prices are also affected by supply and demand. This is why you will most often see item prices fluctuating.

Scams and Frauds

As in any other game, there are scammers here too. You should know that developer Pysonix did an excellent job with updates making trading more secure. The new system is significantly better than the one from the past when one of the players had to trade first.

Now, for a trade to complete, both players need to trade and accept at the same time. The game will then start a five-second timer, during which you can cancel the trade. This is another handy trade kill-switch you can use if you notice something shady.

Where to Trade

While trading items in Rocket League is straightforward, it can be only done in-game. Yes, the game is available on Steam, and Steam has its own trading platform. However, the game developers decided to make Rocket League item trading exclusive to the in-game experience.

Even if you sell or buy items on Rocket League trading websites, you will still need to complete the transaction while inside the game.

How to Trade

When you initiate a trade with another player, you will receive a warning message. You need to acknowledge it before continuing. The game will then open the trade window. Your inventory will be on the left. The upper window is where you will put your items, and the lower window is where the other trader puts items. The game caps trading at 12 items per trader.

When you are ready for the trade, you should click on the trade button. Once the trader accepts the trade, you will receive a five-second warning. This is more than enough time to cancel the trade if you are not happy with it in any way.

How to Get Items

There are various ways to get Rocket League items. The easiest one is just to play the game. Every Rocket League season comes with unique challenges. Some of the challenges reward players with item orbs. You can open these orbs to obtain completely random items for your vehicle.

You can also take part in competitive tournaments hosted by Psyonix. The further you compete in a tournament the more tournament-credits you receive. You can trade these credits for items.

Trading your items with other players or buying them directly from a Rocket League trading website are also viable ways to get your hands on some rare items.

Tips & Tricks

Before we let you go, here are a couple of trading tips and tricks. Although you have a five-second window to cancel the trade, take your time before accepting a trade. Double-check every offer before you accept it.

You can trade your items via exchange to get a rare item. To do it, you will need to trade five items of one rarity and receive one random item of higher rarity.

Finally, if you want to nail the Rocket League item trading game, make a list of items that you wish to obtain. Don’t buy them immediately on third party websites. Prices fluctuate, remember? Buy the items you desire when their prices go down.

Now that we’ve covered Rocket League trading basics, you are ready to go out there and kickstart your item collection. Regularly playing the game while combining in-game trade with trading on websites will help you collect more items than ever. You will be able even to earn a couple of $$ doing it.

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