Shadow Warrior 3’s Latest Trailer Shines a Light on the Bad Guys

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3’s latest trailer shows off the various bad guys you, as Lo Wang, will get to slice and dice.

Some of the enemies featured in the “Enemy Showcase” are ones we’ve already met, but it’s still good to see them in action. Chances are that when FPS Shadow Warrior 3 arrives you’ll be too busy trying to dispatch them to really appreciate their oddball appearance.

The video shows off the Hattori, the Seeking Shokera, the Gassy Obariyon, the Shogan, the Slinky Jakku, the Oni Hanma, the Kugutsu and the Mogura Twins. The Slinky Jakku is the monster that we’re least looking forward to facing, not because it’s going to be particularly tough, but because (as the name suggests) it resembles some horrifying child’s toy.

Compared to Shadow Warrior 2, these enemies have less of a Hellraiser vibe, and are a more colourful bunch, though that doesn’t make them any the less deadly. If you’re wondering when you’ll get to slaughter these oddball foes, we don’t have an answer just yet.

Because while Shadow Warrior 3 is set to arrive on the Playstation, PC and Xbox this year but we don’t have a solid release date. We’ll keep you updated when we find out more. In the meantime, Shadow Warrior 2 is 75% off on the Xbox and Playstation store so if you’re looking to catch up with Lo Wang’s adventures, now’s the time.