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Terminator Resistance Enhanced 3

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced Review

Released toward the end of 2019, we were pleasantly surprised by Terminator: Resistance.

It’s not a great game by any stretch of the imagination, but compared to many of the stinkers previously released, it’s an unexpected delight. Plus there’s also the fact that it’s set during the future war as depicted in the original (and best) films. Playing as Jacob Rivers, a soldier from the Resistance led by John Connor, Terminator: Resistance takes players on a journey across Los Angeles, their aim to warn other Resistance members of a new threat known as the infiltrator. But along the way, Skynet forces, including the iconic T-800, will do anything to stop him.

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is an updated version of the game, at this moment exclusive to the PS5. In terms of the meat of the game, it’s exactly the same as the 2019 release, our review of which you can read right here. It does feature a number of improvements, however, as well as an additional mode.

Making use of the power of the PS5, Terminator: Resistance Enhanced boasts a higher resolution than the original console release. Outside of playing the game on PC, the Terminator: Resistance has never looked sharper. On top of that, textures are improved as well as lighting – this is the game in its best threads, hoping to impress. Unfortunately though, while it definitely isn’t an eyesore, Terminator: Resistance Enhanced‘s visuals will still fail to wow you. There’s a certain last-gen quality to them – especially the character models of the ragtag bunch of survivors you’ve found yourself with.

Terminator Resistance Enhanced 1

There are other improvements though, such as reduced loading times and a silky smooth framerate, which really do benefit the game. Playing Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is a much more immersive experience when the controls are more responsive, the gameplay is more fluid and you’re taken out of the action for shorter periods of time. There’s also DualSense support, though it isn’t something to get too excited about; with no use made of the adaptive triggers, all you’re left with is the pad rumbling a bit more.

In addition to the main campaign, Terminator: Resistance Enhanced also includes the Infiltrator mode that was previously only available in the PC version of the game. In this short mode you get to be the bad guy, taking control of a T-800 infiltrator unit as you hunt Tech-Com officer Daniel Ramirez. Making your way around one large open environment, you need to collect intel, which will add locations of interest to your map. And of course, along the way, there are human scavengers and Resistance members to terminate at your leisure.

Terminator Resistance Enhanced 2

It’s just a shame that Infiltrator mode isn’t all that interesting or fun. You simply plod from one location to the next, checking computers, clip boards and dead bodies for the intel that’s required to open up another location on the map. After 15 mins or so you’re already likely to be a bit bored with it. Thankfully, one playthrough takes just around one hour. With your performance scored, a leaderboard may tempt some to play through multiple times to try and come out on top. Most, though, will leave it to rest after the one attempt.

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is undoubtedly an improved version of the original game, but it’s not transformative. Needless to say, if you’ve already played the game on PS4 or Xbox One there’s little reason to pick it up unless you’re a devout Terminator fan who wishes to play through it again. You’ll no doubt have a more enjoyable time, too. It’s those who have yet to dive into what is perhaps one of the best Terminator games of all time that will get the most out of this enhanced edition, though they should still temper their expectations. The core of Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is still scrappy and old-fashioned – it now just has a prettier façade.

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced Review: GameSpew’s Score

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is available on PS5. This review was facilitated by a review code provided by the game’s publisher.

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