1Want a date? Pick up these dating simulators on PS4

The dating simulator genre is a strange one – strange but oh so very entertaining.

There aren’t too many great dating sim games on PS4, but thankfully there’s more than a handful. They’re all quite different – some of the games on this list are more like graphic novels. Others will have you take an active role in matchmaking. And one of them is even a FMV.

Needless to say, as niche as it may be, the dating sim genre is extremely varied. Whatever your preferences – in games or dating – there’s likely going to be a game for you.

We’ve rounded up just five of the best dating sim games on PS4, covering the whole range of games available. If you’re interested in the genre, or are looking for something new to play, you won’t be disappointed with any of these. Click on through, and give them a try.