2Five Dates

Five Dates

Perhaps the only downside to Five Dates is that it’s from the perspective of a man, and your only option is to date women. But that doesn’t take away from its charm. It’s a full FMV game – that’s ‘full motion video’, so it’s a bit like playing through a movie. At only a couple of hours long, it won’t take long to complete – but with multiple paths and multiple endings, there’s plenty of reason to go back and play again.

In it, you’ll start with five profiles to pick between. You’ll narrow them down to three, and those will be the three women you go on dates with. From there, you’ll narrow them down again before selecting the one you ultimately want to keep dating. Filmed entirely during lockdown – and set in a time where video dates were the only way we could meet new people – it’s entirely contemporary, and anyone who attempted to date during lockdown will get a kick out of it. We loved it, and it’s without a doubt one of the best dating sim games on PS4.

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