4Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend probably isn’t exactly what you think of when you think of a dating simulator. For one, it stars pigeons. Yes, you date pigeons. And yes, you play the role of a human. It’s a bit weird, granted. Okay, it’s very weird. But Hatoful Boyfriend is a charming visual novel with some great dating sim elements – and a very unexpected story twist – for those willing to put in the time.

It’s a fairly short game – one playthrough can take somewhere between an hour to 90 minutes. But depending on which pigeon you decide to date, there are several branching storylines, so seeing everything the game offers requires several playthroughs. It might not be a straightforward dating sim, but Hatoful Boyfriend offers much more than bird love. Its obscurity alone makes it one of the best dating sim games on PS4.

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