2Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition

Spirit of the North Enhanced Edition 2

Any game that lets you take control of a fox is bound to be rather relaxing. Spirit of the North first released on last-gen consoles, but this Enhanced Edition, specifically for PS5, improves graphics and performance for a better experience than ever. As the fox, you’ll make your way through a number of beautiful environments, simply taking in your surroundings as you do.

There are puzzles to solve as you move through the game, along with long-dead humans to help lay to rest. But with no dialogue or no text to read through, there’s nothing to take you out of the action. Well, ‘action’ is rather the wrong word. Rather slow-paced, Spirit of the North lets you go at your own pace. And although you’ll unlock new abilities as you progress, that pace never changes, making this one of the most relaxing games on PS5. If you fancy taking control of a fox and exploring some beautiful landscapes, give it a go.

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