The newest roguelike game on PS5 is also probably the best roguelike game on PS5. Returnal from Housemarque is an unforgiving exploration onto an unknown planet, where its roguelike elements form part of the game’s narrative. You see, protagonist Selene realises she’s stuck in a loop; if she dies, she simply awakens back where she started, at the site of her crashed ship. In order to solve the mystery of the loop, she needs to push through the planet, uncovering its secrets along the way.

A third-person action game that makes excellent use of the PS5’s features, Returnal is a game that quickly gets its hooks in you. Its brutal difficulty may put some players off, but if you can handle a challenge, there’s a lot to love here. From a wealth of otherworldly enemies to defeat to a myriad of weapons and upgrades to find, every run is just as exhilarating as the last. And not to mention the absolutely heart-stopping boss fights. We can’t get enough of it.

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