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The Magnificent Trufflepigs Snuffles Onto PC this June

The Magnificent Trufflepigs

Metal detecting adventure The Magnificent Trufflepigs now has a June 3rd release date.

Despite the title, The Magnificent Trufflepigs isn’t about digging up absurdly overpriced fungi. The titular Trufflepigs are Arthur Darvill’s Adam and Luci Fish’s Beth, who are on a quest to uncover a local treasure a sleepy English village. Drama and romance ensue,  the former of which may or may not involve being chased out of a field by an angry farmer.

The Magnificent Trufflepigs is the second game to be put out by AMC Games, the AMC network’s video game publishing division. The first was Airplane Mode which is a chill little experience, though we’d kill for a VR mode. In fact, now we think about it, metal detecting in VR sounds oddly appealing, especially since Trufflepigs is already a first-person game.

To tease the upcoming release, AMC have released a new short, focusing on Beth. We’re not sure if it’s the fact she’s shown largely in shadow, or that AMC is best known for The Walking Dead but we half expected it to end with her slinging the detector over her shoulder and shotgunning her way through hordes of zombies.

The entirely zombie-free The Magnificent Trufflepigs will arrive on PC this June 3rd, with a Nintendo Switch arriving later in the year.

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