The Riftbreaker Will Land on Xbox Game Pass Day One

The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker is the latest game to arrive on Xbox Games Pass the day of release.

As announced by the game’s producer, action-RPG The Riftbreaker will be available free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers the same day it’s released. It’s one of several titles to arrive launch on the service, the last announced title being Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance.

The Riftbreaker looks to be a curious mash-up of resource-gathering, top-down action and tower-defense, casting you as a lone mech-pilot tasked with preparing worlds for colonisation. In other words, you murder anything that moves while trying to build a base in a place you have no right to be.


Will The Riftbreaker address the suspect behaviour of your one-woman, world-conquering expedition? Probably not. But it does look fun, not unlike We Are Billions, which also sees you defending your colony from a massive force. Sure, going by the trailer below, you will have to deal with some vast, lumbering enemies, but it’s the sheer volume of foes that will pose the biggest problem for your burgeoning colony.

The Riftbreaker will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox and also hit the Playstation, though Playstation players will have to pay full price. As to when it’ll arrive? There’s no set release date but it will be stomping onto the scene some time this Autumn.