The Witcher 3’s Next-Gen Version May Use Fan Mods

Could The Witcher 3’s next-gen version make use of fan-created visual upgrades?

It’s certainly a possibility. As reported by Kotaku, Witcher developers CD Projekt Red have been in talks with at least one mod-maker about integrating their work into next-gen re-release.

Modder Halk Hogan created The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project, an mod which improves the visual quality of the action RPG’s PC incarnation. He stated:

“While it’s not certain yet, it’s very likely that HDRP will be included in the official next generation update.”

Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett approached CD Projekt Red who confirmed they were in talks though they suggested it was far from a done deal and didn’t state how, if at all, Halk and any other modders would be compensated.

It’s possible, in fact, that CDPR don’t use any fan mods and, instead, go their own way. However, if the content is already there, it makes sense to at least consider using it. Fallout 4, for example, doesn’t have an official next-gen patch, but there are multiple visual upgrades available through the in-game “mods” gallery. So what CD Projekt Red are doing makes sense and we’ll be interesting to see if it pans out.

There’s no solid release date for The Witcher 3’s next-gen Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S/X version but it will be landing some time this year.