This Resident Evil Village Mod Makes Lady Dimitrescu’s Hat Grow.. and Grow

Resident Evil Village

When you’re a big woman, you need a big hat. But there limits and this mod for Resident Evil Village has smashed them.

The mod, from content creator kallialee, makes Lady Dimitrescu’s hat grow in size each time you encounter her. The hat doesn’t do any damage, but it arrives well before Tall Vampire Lady and, on the off chance you’re having trouble spotting your 9 foot tall nemesis, you’ll definitely know she’s around.

Unfortunately, the mod doesn’t seem to be publicly available right now but seeing it in action is the second best thing. We kept cracking up, watching Lady Dimitrescu maintain her plummy, taller-than-thou attitude, all the while sporting a bonnet that keeps clipping through the scenery.


You can watch the mod in action for yourself below, visit kalialee’s channel here and find many, many absurd Resident Evil Village mods at NexusMods. We’re still waiting on a mod that turns Lady Dimisrescu into Macho Man Randy Savage which, given she slams Ethan through a wooden floor, seems entirely on-brand.