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Maiden Resident Evil Village

Wonder What Resident Evil Village’s NPCs Do When You’re Not Around?

A new video takes a look at what’s happening behind the scenes in Resident Evil Village. 

Ever wonder what Village’s Lady Dimitrescu does when you’re not around? Is she really roaming the halls or does she vanish and respawn like the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation? YouTuber MELOO has the answer. Their last video featured a few Village-based experiments but, for their latest, they’ve used a free camera mod to dive a little deeper.

The free camera mod, applied to Village’s PC version, lets you move the camera around untethered from protagonist Ethan. So, in their quest for the truth, MELOO put Ethan in the Duke’s room in Castle Dimitrescu, a place Lady D can’t enter, then used the mod to explore the rest of the castle.

Their findings, featured in the below video, are eye opening. What’s particularly interesting, though not entirely uncommon, is that Village only renders rooms a certain distance from you, the player. It makes sense – there’s no point using valuable processing power to render the entire castle if you’re unable to see it.

The video also addresses other non-camera related questions, such as “What happens if you go back to Luiza’s House after defeating the House Leaders?” MELOO aside, we’re also looking forward to the Resident Evil Village Boundary Break video, if YouTuber Shesez decided to tackle the game.

Be warned, MELOO’s video may destroy some of the game’s mystique but, if you have an interest in games design or just curious as to how Village works, it’s well worth a look.

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