Three New Playstation 4 Games Join Playstation Now Today

Playstation Now May

Sony has revealed Playstation Now’s new May titles and they’re all available from today.

Even better, there’s not a duff title in there. The three Playstation 4 titles, which you can stream or download if you subscribe to Playstation Plus are:

  • Jump Force
  • Nioh
  • Streets of Rage 4

Of these three, samurai slash-em-up Nioh scored the highest when we reviewed it, earning a phenomenal 10 out of 10. We praised Team Ninja for creating “a world in which you’ll die time and time again yet always return for more.”


However, Streets of Rage 4 is also pretty fantastic. Arriving twenty-six years after the last entry in Sega’s scrolling beat-em-up series, it nails everything that makes the original trilogy great, very nearly surpassing the sublime Streets of Rage 2.

And Jump Force? We wouldn’t say this is an absolutely essential title, in the same way Streets of Rage 4 and Nioh are, but there’s still a lot of daft fun to be had, particularly if you’re a fan of the Shōnen Jump series of manga comics/anime shows, which is where its characters come from. Want to see a card-obsessed teenager beat up a violent post-apocalyptic warrior? Jump Force could be right up your street.

All three titles are available right now to Playstation Now subscribers. Nioh will be sticking around for a while but Jump Force will be leaving at be beginning of August and Streets of Rage 4 will vanish into the night this November 1st.