Tips for Capturing the Best Photos in New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap 1

If you’re playing New Pokémon Snap, we’re here to help you capture the best images possible.

Out now on Switch, New Pokémon Snap isn’t your typical Pokémon game. Instead of training the creatures for battle, you’re instead observing them in their natural habitat, trying to capture photos of them. Essentially, you’re a Pokémon wildlife photographer. It’s a very relaxing, enjoyable game – especially if you enjoy snapping photos.

The game is on rails, so you’re not exactly free to set up the perfect angle for every photo. Instead, you have to snatch opportunities wherever you can, acting fast before Pokémon move away. After every run, your photos will be sent to the Professor, who assesses them, giving them a score based on certain criteria.


Getting a good score isn’t always easy, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you succeed in New Pokémon Snap as much as possible.

Keep Snapping

For each run through an area of New Pokémon Snap, you have around 70 photos to take. And since a run usually isn’t more than five minutes long, it’s enough to keep snapping. So don’t be shy – hit that ‘capture’ button as often as you can, even if you don’t have the perfect frame. A bad photo of a creature at least gets it into your Photodex, and you can try to capture a better one next time. Multiple photos of the same creature is always handy too – you only need one to give to the professor, so having a choice is helpful. And you never know, you might inadvertently capture a rare pose too.

Remember to Zoom In

You can zoom in with the left trigger on Switch, and you’ll want to do this as much as possible. The Professor scores close-up photos very highly, so fill as much of the frame with your Pokémon as possible. Don’t cut off parts of their body though – you want to get the whole creature in there.

Use Your Apples and Other Tools

You’ll be given apples and other tools that you can use in order to capture the attention of certain Pokémon. Some of them will gladly eat the food you throw at them – and photos of them eating can often make for very high-scoring snaps.

Scan the environment

Use the scanner regularly, even if the ‘scan’ icon isn’t appearing. The scanner will highlight any Pokémon that are in frame – even if they’re hidden by a tree, so you might end up finding something you’d have otherwise missed. Plus, the noise of the scanner sometimes alerts nearby Pokémon, making them look directly at you.

Forget the Rule of Thirds

If you know anything about photography, it’s probably the Rule of Thirds: that the best portraits are often off-centre, framed perfectly by splitting an image up into three vertical slices. Well, forget that rule in New Pokémon Snap. The Professor likes all of his Pokémon subjects to be dead centre. And the more central your Pokémon is, the higher you’ll score.

Try to capture face-on

Since you’re on rails, and the Pokémon are often milling about their business around you, it’s hard to set up the perfect shot. But trying to capture Pokémon face-on – with them looking directly at the camera – is the ultimate goal. Side-on photos can be nice, but you’ll always score more if you get the Pokémon looking at you.

Level up to see new behaviour

As you earn points by playing through an environment, you’ll level up. With each new level, the Pokémon in that area will become more comfortable with you around, meaning you’re likely to capture new behaviour from them. So keep playing the same environments if you want to capture the most rare behaviours.

Photograph groups

You’ll get extra points if more Pokémon are in your photo, so if you see groups of Pokémon hanging out together, get snapping. It’s always best if you can have a central focus – so choose one particular Pokémon to be the centre of your frame. But the more that’s going on around them, the better.

Have fun!

Don’t take New Pokémon Snap too seriously! It’s meant to be fun, so simply enjoy pointing your camera at various creatures and seeing what you can capture. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a platinum star on your first attempt, or even your second. There’ll always be another opportunity to capture the same creature, so just have fun taking in the beautiful environments.

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