Tips For Playing Biomutant


So you’ve just jumped into the post-apocalyptic world of Biomutant. You’ve made your way through the rather linear opening section and now you have a whole world in front of you. What next?

You can simply follow Biomutant‘s main quests through to completion, moving from one mission marker to another. Doing that will take you around 12 hours, and you’ll have a decent time with the game. But to get the most out of it, you should explore, experiment, and take time to enjoy your surroundings.

We’ve put together a handful of tips to help you get the most out of Biomutant. Have fun out there!



Biomutant‘s world is huge, and there are tonnes of nooks and crannies to explore. It pays to wander off the beaten path; instead of heading straight for your next mission marker, have a wander around. You’ll frequently come across abandoned factories and houses, old-world settlements and new villages. And they’ll all be filled with loot and other goodies for you to collect. Inhabited villages will likely have side quests for you to pick up, too. Whenever you enter a new named area, your map screen will tell you what loot you still have to find in that vicinity, so make sure you hunt around and grab everything you can.

Tinker with your inventory

There are so many things to fiddle with in your inventory in Biomutant. Whether you’re crafting your own weapon from scratch or upgrading your current armour, you can end up wasting upwards of half an hour at a time simply looking through menus. But it’s well worth doing. You’ll pick up loot constantly, so every once in a while it’s worth heading into your inventory, checking what you have, and making sure you have the best of everything equipped.

Visit villages to upgrade your items

While you can modify your weapons and equipment from your menu, you can’t upgrade them. To do that, you need to visit a special location – look out for hot-air balloons, that you’ll typically find in villages. They’ll have a rope trailing to the ground; climb up it, and you’ll find upgrade benches inside the balloon. There you can upgrade your guns and armour, but you’ll need quite a lot of scrap to do it. Not everything is worth upgrading, but if you have an item you plan to hold onto for a while, it’s probably worth investing in.

Loot everything

This one is rather obvious, but pick up all the loot you find in Biomutant. You don’t seem to have an inventory limit (or if you do, it’s very high), so you can carry a LOT of stuff. Some of it might be rubbish, but it can be broken down into scrap if you don’t need it. And scrap is very useful in modifying and upgrading the gear you actually want to use. So no matter what it is, pick it up and add it to your inventory. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

Experiment with weaponry

You start out with basic guns and melee weapons in Biomutant, but since you can craft your own weapons from scratch, you can make almost anything. Of course, it’ll depend on what you have in your inventory (hence you should loot everything!), but once you’ve been playing for several hours, you’ll have no doubt amassed enough parts to make some weird and wonderful items. There are different types of ranged weapons – guns, rifles, etc. – and different types of melee weapons. And, providing you unlock the relevant upgrades, you can dual wield too. So be sure you experiment with different weapon types, and find out what works best for you. We’ve found they’re all pretty fun in their own way.

Go on foot (or your steed)

You can fast travel in Biomutant, but it’s not always the best way to travel. Unless you have to literally get from one side of the map to the other, we recommend you go on foot (or on the back of your trusty steed). Why? Well, you never know what you’ll miss by fast-travelling. Unless you’re in a rush to get somewhere, enjoy the journey, and see what you stumble across along the way. We guarantee some epic fights, some loot, and maybe an abandoned settlement or two.

Talk to civilians

You’ll find other mutant creatures while you journey across Biomutant. Some of them don’t have much to say to you at all, but others will have useful titbits of information. More importantly, though, many will have side quests for you. These civilians will be maked with an icon above their head. Talking to them will add a mission to your to-do list, as well as adding a relevant marker to your map.

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