Warner Bros is Making an Injustice: Gods Among Us Movie

Injustice: Gods Among Us is all but officially confirmed as the next DC Universe animated movie.

Warner Bros Animation is apparently in the process of making an animated movie based on either the NetherRealm beat-em-up or the comic book series it spawned.

The press release for Batman: The Long Halloween – Part 2, features a list of extra features that would appear on the Blu-Ray version of the animation. Amongst the features is a trailer for an upcoming Injustice movie; there’s been no press release announcing the movie itself but this is all but confirmation that it’s in the works.


Should you be excited about this new development? In a word, yes. Injustice has sometimes been referred to as an “evil Superman” story, but that’s doing it an, er, injustice. As wrong-headed as Superman is, he’s got a point; by killing the Joker (the event which precipitates the saga) he saves all those people the clown would go on to kill.

It’s only when Superman start cementing his regime that things really start going sideways, and we’re hoping the movie will explore some of the more morally complex issues, as well as throwing in some punching and hero-murdering.

There’s no release date for Injustice, and we doubt we’ll be seeing it this year. But if it’s as good as the Year One comic book prequel, it’ll be worth waiting for.