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What are the Most Expensive AWP Skins in CS:GO?

Apart from the coveted knife skins, AWP skins, especially rare ones, are probably the thing that will get any CS:GO enthusiast going.

The most expensive CS:GO skin out there look absolutely stunning, which is another reason players want them. Apart from the looks, there are two critical factors to consider when you get an AWP skin: the skin’s value and if the skin is resellable.

So, let’s get right into it and see which skins you should hope for getting the most.


To get us started, we have a beautiful skin from the “Gods & Monsters” collection, sporting the beautiful and deadly visage of the Medusa. The colour composition of deep blues and ghastly greens is a vacation for the eyes, and the Greek myth truly comes to life in the art. The look of the Medusa isn’t the only petrifying thing about this skin, though; there’s also its price. Even in a Well Worn condition, it goes for well over $1,000, and the price only rises with the quality of the finish.

The Prince

With its warm hues, we have the AWP Prince skin, and if you take one look at it, you’ll know that the name is justified. It is custom painted with a bright scarlet base and beautiful gold floral filigree, giving this gun a genuinely royal look. And even if it’s called The Prince, it still costs a king’s ransom. Even in the lower tier conditions, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one below $1,500, and for better ones, it easily extends to prices of $2,500 and above. But, if you want the special piece from the “Canals” collection, it’s not too high a price, mainly because it will hold its value.

Oni Taiji

If you’re looking for a more urban look, the Oni Taiji is the definitive choice for you. It’s painted with traditional Japanese imagery of an Oni and a samurai in combat, re-imagined in a graffiti style. The bright colours that are used really make this skin pop, and it’s generally very readable, so you can tell what’s going on from far away. It’s a bit lower on the price range, with the better finish conditions landing in the range of $300-600.

Hyper Beast

While on the subject of bright colours, a skin we simply must mention is the Hyper Beast. It sports a rendition of, well, a beast, unclear of what origin, but definitely impressive looking. It has a sort of psychedelic vibe, like something straight out of high-powered fantasy, and with the colours interloping and working together to bring this image closer to you. It’s also not very high up there in the sense of pricing, so you would be able to procure even a Factory New StatTrak version of this gun in the range of $200-300.

Dragon Lore

This skin probably doesn’t need much introduction, as it made quite a splash a couple of years back when a version of it sporting rare stickers sold for over $60,000. But, for those out of the loop, the Dragon Lore AWP skin features a very intricate rendition of a Dragon spewing fire and is known as one of the most coveted and rare skins out there. Even for a Battle-Scarred version, you’d probably have to spend around $1,000, and the price can’t really be predicted for higher-finish conditions, just because they are so rare. Actually, the only way to obtain them was in Souvenir chests, which dropped if you watched official CS:GO tournament streams.


Taking the intricate knotwork to another level, Gungnir is a sight to behold. It first captivates the eye with a vibrant blue base, reminiscent of snow and ice, and then moves on to impress you with detail. Gungnir is the name of Odin’s spear in Norse mythology, and that’s exactly what’s represented in this skin. The remaining pieces of the gun, like the scope and some chosen details are designed to resemble engraved ivory, which only adds to the entire presentation. For the Allfather’s weapon, the price is suitably high, as you’ll hardly find one for less than $3,500 or $4,000 if you do find one, as they are pretty rare.

Containment Breach

Mutated, ghoulish rats running through neon green nuclear waste. That’s the Containment Breach AWP skin in one sentence. If that’s something that speaks to the post-apocalyptic survivor in you, there’s no better skin you could get. It’s very eye-catching, with the contrast of bright green background and mutant rats’ dark silhouettes. You can find one in amazing condition for anywhere between $400-500, and even less for more worn-out finishes.

There you have it, a list of some of the most expensive but also the coolest-looking AWP skins you could imagine. The CS:GO skin market is ever-changing, but AWP skins usually hold their value and are generally considered to be a pretty safe investment, especially if you get lucky and get a good condition skin, accompanied with some cool stickers. Whether you’re more into trading or just want to show off in competitive matches, these finishes are the right choice for you. Just remember to keep an eye on the prices and sell at the right moment, and you’re guaranteed to earn a pretty penny.

All images: csgostash.com

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