What Difficulty Should You Play Resident Evil Village On?

Resident Evil Village

You’re just about to start Resident Evil Village. But first, you have one important question to answer: what difficulty should you play on?

There are three difficulty modes to choose between in Resident Evil Village: Casual, Standard and Hardcore. The game gives little direction as to what differences each difficulty mode makes, with their descriptions being rather vague.

Casual¬†difficulty mode is described as “we’ll take it easy on you”. We imagine that here, you’ll find more pick-ups, enemies will do less damage, and you’ll do more.


Standard¬†difficulty is likely to be balanced, with damage and pick-ups being just as the game was designed. It’s described as “just your average difficulty”.

Hardcore¬†difficulty, on the other hand, is described with “we’ll hit you with all we got”. We imagine on Hardcore difficulty, ammo and pick-ups will be more scarce, and enemies will hit much harder.

The obvious choice is to choose Standard, though if you want a challenge, then go for Hardcore. Only if you’re up to it, of course. Casual difficulty makes more sense if you’re new to first-person survival horror games.

There is a trophy tied to each difficulty, so if you’re a trophy or achievement hunter, you might want to bear that in mind. Playing on Hardcore difficulty will unlock trophies for all three difficulties.

Oh, and there’s also a fourth, harder, difficulty that unlocks once you’ve finished the game. Good luck out there!

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