What Difficulty Should You Play Stranded Deep On?

If you’re just about to jump into Stranded Deep for the first time, you might be wondering what difficulty to play on. Well, what’s it to be?

Before you start playing Stranded Deep, a survival game that sees you alone on a remote island, you’re given some gameplay options to choose from. Key to these is difficulty. There are two difficulty modes in the game: normal and hard. Which one should you choose?

Normal is the default game mode, and ‘hard’ should only be chosen if you’re a veteran of survival games. Sorry – there’s no ‘easy’ mode to be found here! Changing the difficulty affects how challenging you’ll find your time with Stranded Deep.

If you change to ‘hard’ difficulty, you’ll be affected more harshly by negative status effects, you’ll take longer to learn skills, and your survival needs will be more extreme. In other words, you’ll have a much tougher time.

There are two other settings you can change if you really want to be challenged in Stranded Deep. You can toggle on permadeath; with it on, your save file is wiped should you die, meaning you need to start completely from scratch. Only turn this on if you already know what you’re doing! You can also toggle how dangerous wildlife is, choosing whether you want creatures to be passive or to actively attack you.

We’d recommend leaving wildlife as ‘passive’, turning off permadeath and setting Stranded Deep‘s difficulty to ‘normal’ if you’re new to the survival genre. If you’re a veteran player looking for a real challenge, however, play on hard. Good luck out there!

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