Where to Find the Bolt Cutters in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village 3 (1)

Early on in Resident Evil Village, you’ll need a pair of bolt cutters to get out of a gate. But where do you find them? Read on.

Near the start of the game, you’ll find yourself in a seemingly abandoned village. It’s clear something rather terrible has happened, and it’s not long until you find out what.

After your first run-in with a werewolf, you’ll find yourself in a yard with the only way out behind a locked gate. You’ll need bolt cutters in order to escape. Thankfully, they’re not too far away.


After finishing the fight, head back into the house where you came from. To your left, you’ll find a dark storeroom. Head in there, and you’ll see the bolt cutters on a shelf. Interact with them to add them to your inventory.

Now head back over to the gate. You can use the bolt cutters on the chain in order to escape. Of course, this is just the beginning; many more terrors wait for you on the other side of that gate. Alas, you have no choice but to proceed… good luck!

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