Which Difficulty Mode Should You Play Subnautica: Below Zero On?

Subnautica: Below Zero sports a total of four difficulty levels. But which one should you choose?

Deciding which difficulty to play a game at can be confusing sometimes. Standard would seem like the best choice, but we’ve run into games where their “standard” is everyone else’s “hard”. Subnautica: Below Zero makes things a bit simpler by explaining each difficulty level. The difficulty levels are:

  • Survival (survive alone on 4546B while investigating the death of your sister)
  • Freedom (like Survival, without hunger or thirst)
  • Hardcore (Survival mode with only one life. No O2 alerts)
  • Creative (build anything with no constrains. Oxygen, food, story and death disabled)

However, which should you choose for the best experience? We’d recommend Survival. The food and water requirements are a little unrealistic compared to real life, but they’re nowhere near as intrusive as some games. Plus, growing plants in your base or harvesting fish is surprisingly fun.

As far as death goes, when you die you lose some of your possessions but you’ll be returned to your vehicle or base, and any knowledge you’ve acquired will still be with you. Sure, you could try Hardcore mode but drowning so so commonplace in Subnautica: Below Zero we suspect you’d be in for a very short game – don’t consider that mode till you’ve played through at least twice on Survival.

So, for the best Subnautica: Below Zero experience, we recommend you play in Survival mode.

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