1All of these games are on Xbox Game Pass, and they all have easy achievements

Donut County

Whether you’re wanting to grow your Gamerscore or rack up some Microsoft Rewards points, there are plenty of easy achievements to plunder via Xbox Game Pass games.

While none of the games found on Xbox Game Pass have the easiest achievements to obtain on Xbox One – pretty much anything published by Ratalaika Games gives up all of its points within an hour – getting achievements in many of the games included in the service isn’t what you’d call arduous. “But which games have the easiest achievements?”, we hear you shout.

We’ve assembled a list of Xbox Game Pass games with easy achievements so you can quickly get to work and reap the rewards. You might not be able to get all of the achievements in these games so easily, but they’ll at least give you a huge chunk with hardly any effort at all. Most of them are rather good, too.