You Can Play The Amazing American Circus in Beta Right Now

The Amazing American Circus

First announced last year and coming to PC and consoles this August, The Amazing American Circus is a digital card game with a difference.

With a unique setting of a traditional big top circus, The Amazing American Circus tasks players with giving the greatest performance of their lives. Your audience might be bored, and it’s your job to keep them entertained. You can play different cards in order to perform different acts, with each performer having their own unique cards. Who you pick and what cards you play will colour how the audience perceives the act.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in playing, The Amazing American Circus is available to play right now via Steam Playtest. Currently in beta, players can sign up to play through the Wild West, the first of four regions available in the game.


Set in a noteworthy period of American history, there’s more to the game than simply performing. You’ll meet a mixture of historical and fictional characters of interest, and learn about classic American folklore surrounding the circus. And along with performing, you’ll also be in charge of recruiting and training new acts, upgrading your circus, and becoming the greatest show on earth.

In order to sign up to the beta, simply visit The Amazing American Circus’ Steam page and hit the ‘Request Access’ button.

The Amazing American Circus will be available on 12th August on PC, Playstation, Xbox and Switch. Watch some gameplay footage below: