Zombie Army 4’s Season Three Crawls Out of the Grave Today

Zombie Army 4 DLC

Fancy a bit of brain-eating? The undead enemies of Zombie Army 4: Dead War do, and they’re back in force with a new season of content.

Season Three of Zombie Army 4 stars now, bringing with it a host of new content. Arriving today is Terminal Error, the first part of a new three-part campaign, Return to Hell. So expect lots and lots of kittens.

The campaign sees you (and fellow players, if you so choose) investigating a derelict base on the Italian coast, something which is definitely going to end well. But we had a decaying whale of a time with the original Zombie Army 4, calling it “the best fun you can have killing zombies alone or with friends right now”, so we’re happy to put our digital safety at risk for more corpse-blasting shenanigans.


The new content is, however, only available to those who purchase the game’s season pass; if you’ve just got the standard game, and that includes the one on Xbox Game Pass, you’ll have to fork out some of your hard-earned cash to get your hands bloody.

But it’s been a year since Zombie Army 4’s original release and, since there was plenty of meat in the original, we’re fine with Rebellion charging for what looks to be a substantial amount of new content. The new campaign mission is an open-ended one so it’s not like you’re paying to walk down a single blood-splattered corridor.

Terminal Error will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia, with the remaining campaign missions arriving later.

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