3Man of Medan

This game is Xbox One X enhanced

Although fairly short, Supermassive Games’ Man of Medan, the first game in the Dark Pictures Anthology series, packs in a hell of a lot of horror. The story follows a group of young adults who rent out a boat in order to dive in an underwater wreckage. Things don’t quite go to plan, though, when they’re hijacked by pirates and find themselves boarding an abandoned warship.

You can complete Man of Medan in three hours or so, but in that time you’ll be privy to an excellently haunting tale, some seriously hair-raising scares and more edge-of-your-seat action than you can imagine. The game’s best feature, though, is that your actions influence the outcome of the game. It’s in your hands whether everyone lives or dies. It’s truly one of the best horror games on Xbox One, and you can enjoy it alone or with a group.

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