Descenders Gets Upgraded For the Xbox Series S/X


Bike-em-up Descenders is now available for Xbox Series X/S.

Sure, you could play Descenders on those consoles, thanks to the Xbox Series S and Series X’s backwards compatibility and, given that it’s available via Game Pass, there’s a good chance you already have. But as of now, there’s a native version of Descenders which can be downloaded for free if you already own it on the Xbox One.

On the Xbox Series S/X, this update lets you play in 4K resolution mode or 120FPS mode, giving you the choice of a prettier experience or a smoother one. We had a great time messing around with Descenders when it was in PC Early Access, so we’re definitely going to be jumping back for a second helping. However, that’s not the only Descenders news.

You can also now purchase the downhill biking game as a physical Xbox game, thanks to developers No More Robots and publishers Sold Out. There’s already been a boxed version for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 but the Xbox missed out. So, if you’ve never dipped into Descenders, there’s no better time to get on your bike.

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