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Get Your First Proper Look at Dino Game Instinction This Sunday


Instinction, which we’ve only just worked out is the opposite of extinction, will be the first game at this Sunday’s Future Games Show.

That might not mean an awful lot to you if you’ve not been following the development of this dino game but we’re excited to get our first proper look at the game in action. Why? Because, after getting a kick out of Dino Crisis and even Jurassic Park: Trespasser, we’re more than ready to take on some thunder lizards.

True, there’s ARK: Survival Evolved, but we’ve been in search of a single-player dino experience and, with Capcom doing precious little with the Dino Crisis franchise, Instinction could well fit the bill. Developers Hashbane have been working on it for some time, and have released snippets of footage as well as a few screenshots. But the Future Games Show give us a deeper look at the game in action.

In particular, we’re looking forward to seeing how the dinosaurs work, whether they’re cannon fodder, clever girls, or somewhere in the middle. We remember playing Carnivores and downing one dino, only to be taken out by a velociraptor we didn’t know was there.

You can watch the show via YouTube and find out more details here. The show starts at 16:00 PDT June 13th, though if you’re in the UK that’s technically going to be 12:00AM June 14th.

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