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Does Scarlet Nexus Have Multiplayer or Co-op Features?

The latest action RPG from Bandai Namco, you might be wondering if Scarlet Nexus has any competitive multiplayer or co-op features.

Throwing players into a world in which people with psionic powers battle with brain-eating monsters called Others, Scarlet Nexus is a unique action RPG with an intense battle system and a gripping story. And with up to three squad members taking part in battles at any one time, players might be left wondering if there’s any chance of some co-op action. Perhaps in the vein of what the Tales series traditionally offers.

Unfortunately that’s not the case; Scarlet Nexus is strictly a single-player game. In fact, you can’t even change who you take control of in combat – you’ll always be playing as Yuito or Kasane, depending on your choice at the outset of the game. There are no multiplayer options outside of the main campaign, either, so those who like a bit of competitive action won’t find anything to enjoy here.

So there you have it. Scarlet Nexus is strictly a game for those who love story-driven action RPGs.

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