Dying Light: Hellraid Gets an All New Story Mode

Dying Light: Hellraid

Dying Light: Hellraid has a new story mode, “The Prisoner”.

No, we’d completely forgotten about Hellraid too, though given the expansion’s odd history, it should have stuck in our heads more. Hellraid is a game-within-a-game; once you’ve purchased the appropriate DLC for Dying Light you can play it using the same engine, ostensibly as an arcade machine

Hellraid, however, is an entirely different kettle of piranhas, an medieval slash-em-up that, zombie murder aside, doesn’t have a lot in common with Dying Light. There’s a reason for that; it was originally a stand-alone game before it was cancelled and, six years later, it’s living again through Dying Light.


The new story mode sees you “venture deep into the demon-infested bowels of Ba’al’s Temple to rescue Lucius, a mysterious and powerful mage from captivity”, which is bound to go well. It also introduces Hellraid’s first ranged weapon, a bow, allowing you to see some enemies off at a distance.

You can check out the trailer above for taster of what this new story mode offers. The Prisoner is out now, across all platforms, and is free for anyone who’s purchased Dying Light and Dying Light: Hellraid.