Elden Ring is Coming to PC and Consoles in January 2022

Elden Ring

It is FINALLY time, says Geoff Keighley.

And he’s right. Summer Game Fest finishes with a gorgeous trailer for the oh-so-long awaited Elden Ring, the next game from Dark Souls developer From Software.

There’s very much a feel of Dark Souls in the style and design of the game; grand castles, ruined stonework; medieval weaponry. It looks beautiful, just as you’d expect.

There’s dragons and grand beasts to battle against, of course. Swords fly and magic sparkles through the air as enemies fire their attacks at you and you launch back at them.

There are some truly gruesome enemies on show, even though we only get to glimpse at them for a second. It’s clearly packed with a deep lore and a very beautiful, intricate world waiting to be explored.

Better yet, Elden Ring has a release date. The unknown is finally over: it’s coming to PC and consoles on 21st January 2022. That’s only six months away. It’ll be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

We’re excited. Overwhelmed. Speechless, in fact. We’ll have more on Elden Ring soon. But for now, join us as we gawp at the trailer below.

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