Everything Devolver Digital Showed Off at its Crazy E3 Presentation

Devolver Max Pass Plus

As usual, Devolver Digital’s E3 presentation was as crazy as ever.

It’s worth watching the half-hour long stream yourself, just to see the bizarre story about Devolver Max Pass Plus unfold. And, of course, Nina Struthers makes an appearance. Because it wouldn’t be a Devolver Digital presentation without her.

But alongside the madness, we got a glimpse at a large handful of excellent looking games coming from Devolver in the next year and beyond. Here’s a round-up of everything we got a look at.

  • Trek to Yomi essentially looks like a 1950s Samurai movie in action. In development from Leonard Menchiari and Flying Wild Hog, it’s coming to PC and consoles in 2022. You’ll take on the role of a young swordsman as he vows to his master to protect his town and the people he loves.
  • Wizard With a Gun is an online co-operative sandbox featuring, you guessed it, wizards with guns. You’ll be able to outfit your wizard in all sorts of gear before you head out to explore the world, crafting stuff on your way. It’s coming to PC and consoles in 2022.
  • Inscryption, coming to PC later this year, is the next game from Daniel Mullins, the mind behind Pony Island and The Hex. It’s described as a “mind melting self-destructing love letter to video games”.
  • Devolver Tumble Time is a very real mobile game coming later this year. It proudly boasts ads and in-game monetisation, just like any great mobile game should have. It’s filled with Devolver characters and the type of addicting gameplay you’d expect from your mobile device. Apparently.
  • Demon Throttle is coming to Switch in 2022, though it’ll only be available as an exclusive physical purchase. It’s from the developer of Gato Roboto, and tells the story of a gunslinger and vampiress on a quest for vengeance.
  •  Death’s Door is an action-packed game about collecting the souls of the dead. It’s coming to PC and Xbox consoles on 20th July.
  • Phantom Abyss is an asynchronous multiplayer game that looks a little like Indiana Jones. From a first person view, run and jump your way through deadly temples in order to claim the relics inside, and battle against other players as you do so. It’ll be available in Early Access from 22nd June.
  • We got another trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 which looks as epic as ever. Still no release date, but it’s coming at some point in 2021.

Watch the full Devolver stream in the video below. You can see more information by visiting devolvermaxpassplus.com.

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