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Explore the World of Batora: Lost Haven With its Closed Alpha

Batora: Lost Haven

Action RPG Batora: Lost Haven is currently accepting applications for its closed alpha.

First announced in January, Batora: Lost Heaven casts you as Avril, a 16 year old girl who sets out on a journey to save a dying Earth and, we’re guessing, to get away from all the skater boy jokes. Aside from straight up murdering enemies using her mystical powers and glowing sword, she has to solve puzzles and make moral choices that will affect how she develops as a character.

Now, creators Stormind games are taking applications for Batora’s closed alpha, giving you the chance to experience it first hand. The alpha is PC only and will take place for two weeks between the 21st of July and the 4th of August. It doesn’t yet have a set release date so this could be your only chance to experience the game for a while.

Typically, with closed alphas, you’re not guaranteed access, but Stormind haven’t said there’s a limit on the number of people who can test out Batora, as long as you apply through their website. However, in order to get access you do have agree to join the game’s mailing list.

If you want a taste of Batora: Lost Haven, you have up until the 20th of July to apply for the PC alpha, using  this form on the game’s website. The final game will get a PC, Playstation, Xbox and Switch release.

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