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F1 2021’s New Trailer Shows off the Racer’s Features

F1 2021

F1 2021 has a new trailer that shows off some of the racer’s features.

What makes for a great Formula 1 game? Obviously, it’s how much carnage you can create when, seconds after the race starts, you turn around and start driving into the oncoming racers. But for some odd reason Codemasters, developers of F1 2021 (the official Formula 1 game), think it’s the features and have released a new trailer to show them off.

Aside from just letting you race around the track, F1 2021 will feature some behind the scenes drama, with a narrative-driven feature that can have you at odds with other teams. On top of that there’s a two-player career mode which, we’re pleased to hear, features a split-screen couch co-op mode. After all, it’s so very, very, important that you see your friend’s face when you ram them off the track.

That said, these new features do have us a bit worried. We gave F1 2020 a massive 10/10, saying that “F1 2020 is the best F1 game ever made”. Unless one of F1 2021’s new features is a poking you in the eye with a wooden stick, our rating system might have to go up to eleven.

You can wishlist F1 2021 on Steam, and pick it up on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 when it launches this July 16th.

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