Fallout-Like RPG Encased Gets a New Trailer and a September Release

Currently available in Early Access on Steam, a new trailer for Encased gave us a glimpse of the game’s five core disciplines.

There’s a distinct old-school Fallout vibe to Encased. It’s set in an alternative, and rather post-apocalyptic 1976. An ‘Incident’ left the world ruined, with only some people lucky – or unlucky – enough to survive. A one of five classes, players will forge their own path through this hostile but interesting world.

It’s been in Early Access on Steam since 2019, with a myriad of updates being made to the game over that time. With Koch Media previously the publisher, it’s now under the wing of Koch’s new publishing arm, Prime Matter. A full release of the game is expected in September.

Encased sees players entering a mysterious giant dome that appeared in the middle of a desert. Of course, no good can come of such a discovery, and so you can expect to fight your way through mutated enemies, radiation anomalies and more. There are treasures to be found though, in the form of unique artifacts. And the further you get, the stronger your character will become, with new skills and abilities waiting to be unlocked.

How you choose to forge your path through Encased is down to you. Maybe you don’t have to engage in combat; maybe you can bribe your enemies instead. Like a true RPG, there are plenty of options to take, allowing your journey to be purely your own.

Watch the new trailer below. Find out more about Encased, and dive into the Early Access version, by visiting its Steam page.

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